Rescued Food

Here at Rowville Community Kitchen we are passionate about rescuing food. Leftover food can be used to create extra delicious meals saving you money and leading to less food wastage. 

How often have you stood in front of the fridge or your cupboards and thought “ I don’t have enough to put a healthy filling meal together for my family?” Or at a loss to know how to make a few ingredients stretch?

Our Rescued Food brand will show you how to:

  • Turn your leftovers into tasty healthy meals for your families
  • We will give you tips and shortcuts so you save time
  • Bargain with  your local fruit and veg shop to buy what they throw away
  • Make those dollars stretch

Through our Rescued Food brand we create delicious downloadable recipes and are working on the provision of school based classes to provide a ‘how to’ education on making the most of  all fruit and vegetables.

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