Food4Kids is about helping kids make healthy food choices leading to healthier futures.
The world is full of food – some food is great, some not so.
Some food reminds us of family gatherings.So far this year we have supplied over 600kgs of fresh fruit, 319 fresh meals & 590 sandwiches to our local primary schools to ensure no student is hungry. Our next challenge is to come up with an initiative that feeds them through the school holidays.

The delight we see as kids explore, experience and try new foods has been our motivation to take our hands on food education into our primary schools.
This term we have commenced cooking classes at Scoresby Primary School and the list is growing of other primary schools lining up.

Grade 6Grade 6 week 1Grade 5

Each class we ask how much cooking they do at home, their favourite foods/meals and feedback on their class.
So far the foods eaten the most at home are pizza, lasagne and a mix of takeaway foods. Not many vegetables.

Feedback from years 5 & 6:
Josh – learnt by my mistake
Hayley – enjoyed the experience and eating new foods
Jordan – I got courage to cook, it was fun
Bella – sweet
Jett – great experience learning

We are predominately using fresh produce and authentic Asian condiments sponsored by

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