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Fundraising for our local homeless – Vinnies Knox Sleepout

On Friday 17th October the Knox community came together for the first Vinnies Knox Community Sleepout. Rowville Community Kitchen partnered with St. Vinnies and Cr Nicole Seymour to highlight the plight of our homeless people by organising a sleepout at Exner Reserve, Scoresby. We wanted to raise the awareness of the spike in numbers of homeless […]

Shop local & reap the rewards

There has been many a discussion about shopping local and what that means to different businesses. For Rowville Community Kitchen “shop local” means firstly, our local businesses in Scoresby Village that we see every day. Then its the businesses in the Knox CC area that we meet through networking or workshops. Today we acknowledge Janine […]

Building solid foundations

As part of our ongoing commitment to building solid foundations at RCK, we are excited to welcome on board the GCG project team from Monash University. The project team have agreed to consult with us during our endeavours to form a community hub. Over the next few months our two teams will work together so that we can significantly expand our […]

Meet Chef Lorenzo

Chef Lorenzo is a long time friend of Chef Greg and he is always there when we need an extra pair of hands. Affectionately known as Loz, Chef Lorenzo’s family are from Aquila, Italy. Like us Lorenzo comes from a family of food lovers. His specialities are his home cured meats & cold pressed honey. Last […]