5 Ways You can Make a Difference

5 Ways you can make a difference & support Rowville Community Kitchen

How long since you ate your last meal? Hours? Minutes? Is your belly and your fridge full? Then you’re better off than more than one thousand people in our local Knox community.

Nearly one in eight people suffer from chronic undernourishment. Many of these are children who have no control over the situation and let’s not forget the elderly.

Many families are feeling the effects of unemployment or under employment, experiencing mortgage or rent stress. Every day parents have to juggle and decide whether to put food on the table or keep a roof over their family’s heads. A lot of parents go without meals every day.

In times like these, food banks have become an integral part of the community support system. Unfortunately, few are set up to deal with the sustained demand or to offer these families healthy food choices. Most welfare packages consist of tinned products that are full of sugar and salt.

“People come to us, saying they have a job but don’t have enough to pay for food,” says Brian Crowely of St Vinnies, who sees the effects of unemployment every day, speaking with families and the homeless in the KnoxCC area.

“Most are on minimum wages, or on call casual hours contracts,” he continued, saying that while agencies are struggling to meet the needs of increase in demand Rowville Community Kitchen has jumped in providing cooked meals for families in dire need.

So, if you’re blessed with a full tummy and the financial means to keep it that way, now is the time for action and assist our kitchen to expand our healthy food cooking programs.

5 Ways you can help us make a difference at Rowville Community Kitchen

Donate Money – Monetary donations are always welcome as we desperately need funds to pay for pantry items, cleaning & office supplies, takeaway containers and numerous other products we use on a daily basis.

Give Food – After rent & utilities pantry items are our biggest expense. Even if you add a few of items such as fresh milk, sugar and flour to your weekly shopping list, every bit helps. We can supply a list if that is helpful.

Grow Food – We would love to receive any excess fruit from your trees or vegetables you have grown in exchange for a cooked meal or other food items we have.

Collect Food – With our shopping list maybe you could organize a community food drive and enlist the help of your family and neighbors. It is easy to organize and will make a huge impact on the services we offer to the local families.

  1. Volunteer Time – If none of the above options are right for, you maybe you can give us some of your time. We are always looking for volunteers that have skills in social media or picking up or delivering food for us. It is also a great way to connect with our local community.

Ready to make a difference? Send us an email info@rowvillecommunitykitchen.com.au or call Christine on 1300 363 723