Work for the dole & work experience programs do work!

Chef Greg say ” We don’t’ like or use the term Work for the Dole as our participants perform  in a community focussed program that benefits so many local people. BUT we are proof that they do work!

We stand by our programs at Rowville Community Kitchen. Every day we see the positive changes in self- esteem and sense of self- worth of our participants.

We deliver quality life changing opportunities through our work experience programs so that our jobseekers are better equipped to sustain employment. Whilst building work ready skills that cross to every part of life, our participants become more self-sufficient and active in their local community.

The reasons for unemployment are many, quite often the jobs that our jobseekers are trained for no longer exist, or they suffered debilitating health issues. When someone has been out of the workforce for a time they lose many skills those in the workforce take for granted.

We concentrate on the soft skills:

  • Social interaction
  • Time keeping
  • Accountability
  • Respect for others
  • Communication

“Since we opened more than 60 jobseekers have commenced work while many others have moved onto further studies.”

Rowville Community has further initiatives for 2014-2015 offering participants the opportunity to gain vocationally relevant skills across a diverse range of occupation groups. The initiatives offer individual attention and opportunities that perhaps many work experience programs don’t with the hands on guidance from Chef Greg and founder Christine Smith.


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