Lights, Camera, Action at Rowville Community Kitchen.

We absolutely love those bits you don’t know what to do with in the fridge – odd bits of veggies and left over meals from the day before, we really love them. At Rowville Community Kitchen we turn all these bits of food into delicious and healthy dishes that help your money go further. We have been working on our Rescued Food concept for some time so we were absolutely delighted when a camera crew headed to Rowville Community Kitchen on Thursday the 6th of February to discover just how we weave magic. The DVD is to be used as a training video for Coles Supermarkets no less!

The goal of the day was for 50Kaliber, the production company to come and film us at work as we created a tasty turkey surprise salad and a mix of baked apple dessert or a delicious trifle to be served as a free two course meal to members of our local community.

rowvilleblogAfter much preparation it was time for the big day as the TV production crew and all their gear descended upon Rowville Community Kitchen. Our jobseekers arrived promptly looking absolutely fantastic for their own moment of stardom. Christine and Chef was interviewed, cameras were rolling in the kitchen and the signal ‘cut’ reassured us that a particular take was over.

As the filming was well under way our dining room was brimming over with members of our local community – the Red Hat Ladies, the team from Stamford Men’s Shed, our friends at Knoxville Aged Care as well as a table of local business owners. Well over 50 people had turned up to become a part of our very special day.

In all honesty we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the success of the day, even though the event was last week we are still receiving incredible comments. We would like to say a very special thank you to all our jobseekers who worked so diligently, to our friends and local community who shared lunch with us, to Chef Greg who performed miracles and to Kim and her team from 50Kaliber who filmed this fantastic day.

If you are ever around the area of Rowville on a Thursday we would like to invite you to come and sample what’s on the menu at our free community lunch, see you there?