Rowville Community Kitchen

We asked a question of Kochie so we could do more. Here is his answer:
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At Recipe4Change, we are committed food professionals who change the lives of everyday Australians using food to overcome barriers to a better life.
We believe in an Australia where every family can put a healthy meal on the table every night.
The sad fact is that 460,000 Australians go to bed hungry. That’s the equivalent of filling the MCG five times on Grand Final day.

Our business model supports our local community with purpose and the commitment to improving the lives of everyone we make contact with.

How We Work:
We use our commercial kitchen to work with the unemployed and disengaged youth, providing work and life skills so that they are equipped for sustainable employment.
We teach them to cook simple affordable healthy meals so they save money and put a healthy meal on the table every day.
We accept referrals from many local sources.

Working with our trainees we engage with our local community in the following ways:
• Thursdays we open our doors to our local community to share a wholesome tasty two course lunch served around shared tables.
• Wednesdays we run a marketplace stall full of no cost pantry items and fresh fruit and veg.
• We provide catering for local schools and businesses.

We cook, freeze and sell nutritious meals for people looking for convenience and affordability.

Our Current Impact
IMPROVED LIVES: Over 100 previously unemployed individuals are now financially independent and have the skills and knowledge to provide affordable meals for their families every day.
EATING HEALTHIER: In excess of 24000 meals have been served to 8640 socially isolated people who have enjoyed a tasty meal in our community kitchen.

Our Four-Year Vision
6000 Jobseekers starting work is our target. This means we will have trained and nurtured unemployed men and women around Australia putting $270,000,000 into the economy.
We will do this by working with our generous and committed stakeholders.
90,000,000 meals will be bought by these job seekers and served on their family tables ending the food poverty experienced.

Join us for Lunch:

We provide lunch. For 48 weeks of the year we provide a healthy two course meal. Come and join us, share a meal, meet new people and enjoy lively conversations. 

What People Say

“The work you do guys is very special & you change lots of lives”

Was a lovely meal with great conversation. Thank you!

Absolutely loved your blueberry jam
Will make wonderful Christmas presents

“This is where the magic happens – around a table sharing a meal”